Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 2 of The Dragonslayer blog tour

Day 2 of The Dragonslayer tour!
Yesterday was awesome, and today we have a big treat.
I have four stops on my tour AND a special guest post on romance by Second Sign author Elizabeth Arroyo scheduled on my blog for later this morning. Be sure to check it out!

First stop, Nick Wilford's!
I'll be continuing my villains series and talking about Governor Randall Whittaker. A dragon and a politician. Frightening!

Next I'm visiting with my wonderful friend and CP, Cherie Reich. She's picking my brain about worldbuilding and my experience writing this series.

Pop over to Chris Andrews' site to find out what it's like writing a novel as a pantser.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a guest post on writing romance on Lynda R Young's blog. A little something special for Valentines Day.

Today's tidbit: I write romance, but I don't consider myself a romantic. I love strong women like Lois in The Dragonslayer. My ideal love story is where the two people treat and respect each other as equals.


  1. I don't consider myself a romantic either.

    Happy touring, Christine.

  2. I think I'd have to call myself a romantic. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

  3. I like your take on romance, Christine. You definitely don't go for the sappy characters!

  4. Thank you, folks! I'm not one for sappiness. Some corniness might fall in by accident, but I trust my CPs to say get rid of it!

  5. Great posts... you're all over the place, which is wonderful.

  6. There's nothing more romantic than respect, IMO! ;)


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