Saturday, February 2, 2013

Arrows, Shadows, and Sales

Pop over to Arrows of Anteros and check out my flash piece, "Not Every Story Has A Happy Ending." This is how having a child has affected my writing. I have my little moments!

Today is Groundhog Day! Did the groundhog see its shadow where you live? All this day means to me is the opportunity to watch "Groundhog Day" again and again on television. A Bill Murray classic.

I haven't done a sales update lately. It's out of my curiosity how sales go for other authors that I share mine with you.

1302 - The Alpha
Amazon: 82
B&N: 24
Smashwords: 3
Kobo: 5
Total: 114

1301 - The Marquis
Amazon: 36
B&N: 6
Smashwords: 2
Kobo: 1
Total: 45

L'il Gal Al and the Zombies of Amarillo
Amazon: 1
B&N: 7
Smashwords: 111 (free)
Kobo (no stats as they don't count free downloads)
Total: 119

Amazon: 5919
B&N: 3
Smashwords: 1123
Kobo: (I have no idea!)
Total: 7045

Fearless continues to do very well. It was in Amazon's top 100 for fantasy paranormal for most of January. It's free and a great way to hook readers to buy my other books.

Most of my sales for The Marquis came after the release of The Alpha. I'm hoping that with the great interest in The Dragonslayer, readers will buy it and the other book in the series.


  1. Just read your flash. Touching! Really beautiful!
    Life lessons hidden under beautiful words.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I should make more use of the Amazon reports.

    I gave in and got the Marquis yesterday. I'm hoping I'll clear off some of the stuff on by TBR list real soon, so I can get to it sooner. :)

  3. I just read your flash. It's beautiful! It makes me want to cry, but that's definitely a good thing. :)

    Happy weekend!

  4. I just read your story and was so very moved by it. Great job on it!

    And ooh, sales stats! Fun! Looks like Amazon is the one that comes out on top, most of the time. Interesting...

  5. Thank you, folks! I'm happy everyone is touched by the story. It's not the usual type I write, but sometimes the words come out in the least expected ways.

  6. I love stats! Off to check out the flash fiction---I'm sure it's fabulous... <3

  7. Those are great stats! I love that you shared - it's interesting to see how writers you love are doing!

  8. You're doing well... just keep releasing the series as it looks like they'll boost your other sales:) Well done.

  9. Yay! It looks like you are doing some good consistent sales, right?

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  10. so interesting to see results! numbers dont lie! i might have to put up a short story for free...brilliant idea!


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