Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - The Marquis

1301 - The Marquis

Life after Hell isn't more exciting than watching football and fixing a busted pipe. Once a powerful demon, Marc enjoys his quiet existence and a good cup of coffee. With big ambitions to gain his master's favor, a trickster demon named Vetis shatters Marc's peace and vows to deliver Marc's head to the fires of Hell. Not before he destroys everything Marc cares about, of course.

Marc's power has diminished over the years. Heaven will never grant him absolution, and he refuses to return to Hell. Running isn't an option. The city of Carmine is his territory. It's also home to his favorite cafe owner, Mae Hopkins. The dame has a lovely smile, but it's her heart and soul that shine bright.

While his city burns and his love is captured, Marc must decide to surrender or let hate and anger fuel him to become the fearsome beast he so loathes: The Marquis. If the Marquis rises, Vetis can be defeated and Mae saved, but Marc would be lost to his demon forever.

This is the story where I thought I was having trouble with the male point of view. It's Marc's story, and he's a male who doesn't use a lot of words. Usually my protagonists chatter away to me. Marc's more of a grunter. Yet my CP's and my critique group all liked it. None said there was any problems with the POV. Whew. One of my CP's likened it to Hellboy. Woot!

The Marquis has a strong noir flavor. More so than the other novellas. It also sets the background with what's happening in the city of Carmine which will affect all the other stories.

Another thing I liked about writing this story was the relationship between Marc and Mae. There's none of the fiery passion of youth. They're older (Marc by a few thousand years), and it's a slow burning romance. One where the two people know actions mean a lot more than pretty words.

If you haven't done so already and would like to take part in the cover reveal for this book, please send me an email with "1301 cover reveal" in the subject heading. I'll be unveiling the cover on November 13th. Email me at christinerains [dot] writer @ gmail [dot] com. Thank you!


  1. I'm really looking forward to this!!

  2. I'm looking forward to your series. Do you worry, though, that if people don't like noir (I'm okay with it, but don't love it) that they'll be turned off to the other stories because the first one isn't "their thing"? Or don't you think it will matter? Also, will one need to read the stories in order to understand what's going on?

    1. It's not heavy noir. It's like Hellboy or Dresden Files level, if someone would even consider that noir. I'm not terribly worried.

      And no, the stories won't need to be read in order. Each can stand on their own, but all linked together, you get the cool overall picture.

  3. I love Marc and Mae's romance. They say so much with so little.

  4. This sounds like a great book, and I hope he makes the right choice!

  5. Thank you! I'm so excited about this series.

  6. Sounds great! I love the description of Marc's rather tormented character. ;)

  7. Very exciting... great story:)


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