Monday, November 19, 2012

The Marquis release date and 13th Floor blog tours

First, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in my cover reveal. I've gotten such excellent feedback on it. You all made the release a grand success!

I'm still in good shape for releasing The Marquis on December 13th. Just in time to buy as you're doing your holiday shopping! Yes, I'm going to say it's official.


I'm setting up a week long blog tour for it running through December 13th - 20th. If you'd like to be a part of my tour, please email me at christinerains [dot] writer @ gmail [dot] com. Make sure you put "1301 blog tour" in the subject heading. If you want a specific date, please reply soon and let me know. I understand this is short notice. I have a bunch of posts scheduled on my blog into the new year already. I know how fast things build up.

 1301 BLOG TOUR:
DECEMBER 13th - 20th

If you cannot participate in this blog tour, and you still would like to help, have no fear! The 13th Floor series has six novellas. The Marquis is the first one. I'll be doing mini tours for each release, and a big one when I release the whole collection late next summer or autumn.

At the end of the December tour, I'll be revealing the cover for 1302 - The Alpha. The novella is written and I'm aiming to release it on January 13th. (A Sunday, I know, but I'd like to keep my release dates on the 13th of each month.) If you'd like to participate in The Alpha's cover reveal and/or mini tour, please email with "1302 reveal and/or tour" in the subject heading.


JANUARY 13th - 17th

Next we have 1303 - The Dragonslayer. A modern day dragonslayer, and oh by golly, wait until you see this cover! I want to release it on February 13th. Again, if you'd like to participate in The Dragonslayer's cover reveal and/or mini tour, please email with the appropriate subject heading.


FEBRUARY 13th - 17th

I'm not going to set official dates for the rest of the series yet. I would like to have 1304 - The Harbinger out on March 13th. April will be too busy for me in real life, so the next two dates would be May 13th and June 13th. I'm giving myself some wiggle room with the dates, though. You never know what real life is going to throw at you.

Whew. I'm dizzy looking at all those dates, but it feels good to have them settled. I'm really excited about this series. I hope everyone else will love it as much as I do.


  1. This is really exciting, Christine. Congrats! Sign me up for everything. I have no plans in December - I'm just thinking one day at a time with NaNo!

  2. Whoa, that is a lot of dates! Like Nick, I'd like to sign up for everything too :D

  3. Congratulations!
    I can squeeze you in somewhere next year, Christine!

  4. You know you're always welcomed on my blog. :D

  5. Very exciting! So proud/stoked for you, Christine!!! :D

  6. My goodness, you are unbelievably busy!

  7. Wow, Christine. Awesome rollout. Want to set up something in January? I'll do shoutouts as each book comes out, too. You're always welcome at my place.

  8. Wow... well done on your progress. How exciting to have them all coming out soon after one another:) Happy to also do shout outs for each launch... just let me know.

  9. What an awesome plan to roll out your series! The Dec. date would be tricky for me, but I'm glad to help next year. Let me know. ;)

  10. Thank you so much for everything! You guys are awesome.

  11. Love love Love! just added it to my goodreads :)


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