Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Look Challenge

Thank you to the lovely Summer Ross who tagged me
in this new LOOK Challenge.

The rules are simple: count the LOOKs in your current WIP
and then choose your three favorite paragraphs to post here.

I'm going to go with the first novella in my new paranormal series I'm working on. The rough draft name is 1301. It has 41 LOOKs in it. Not too bad for nearly 17,000 words.

Here are my favorite three paragraphs:
1) “What do you kno—” The demon frowned and then grinned as the tension drained away from his body. “Ah, well now. The Marquis. Never thought I'd see you again. Especially not looking like a lumberjack's grandpappy.”
2) “Well look at us!” Vetis laughed and put a little spin to his flames. “I haven't had a fight like this in centuries. Ah, how I miss the good ol' days.” He grinned, his bloodied face making him appear like a demonic clown. “Feeling a little tired, old man? Did you need a break so you can piss and take a nap?”

3) “Hey, look up.” Mae rubbed his shoulder. He hadn't realized he'd dropped his head. Their eyes met in the flat plane of the mirror. “I believe in you.”


  1. Look is such a difficult word to avoid!

  2. At least yours was in dialogue. LOL Thanks for participating!

  3. I shudder to think how many "looks" I have floating around my WIPs. These were great paragraphs, by the way!

  4. That's not bad. I haven't counted the looks in my manuscript. Maybe I'll go do that.

  5. Not bad at all for 17,000 words! Loved the examples=)

  6. Thanks! It is difficult to avoid, but when I have a character look at something, I always change it. Hope you all are having a great Saturday!

  7. 3 awesome examples... I really like this story:)

  8. What an interesting challenge. Thanks for sharing your favorites.


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