Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wicked Wednesday - paranormal romance heroes

Oh, the hot and sexy heroes of paranormal romance. How I adore you! From ruggedly handsome werewolves to exotic demons and smoldering vampires. The mysterious and gorgeous monster hunters and all those other wonderfully scrumptious heroes out there.
Sometimes it's difficult to come up with an original hero. A lot of them seem to have the same characteristics. He's strong both physically and personality-wise, but he has to be to deal with the feisty heroine. He's possessive and protective. Two things the independent heroine usually fights against. He's clever, because he has to find some way past the heroine's emotional defenses. He'll sacrifice everything for the heroine and that's what makes us all love him in the end.

Many of the heroes are Alphas. Powerful and dominant men. Fans of the genre won't deny they like it. I won't! Most of the heroes I write are Alphas. Yet there is a place for Betas too. Heroes that aren't bulging with muscles or out looking for a fight. The men who are quiet and intelligent, who are fiercely ethical and aren't afraid of being emotional. They'll still sacrifice everything for the heroine, but not in a way anyone expects. These are the heroes that surprise us.

Who are your favorite paranormal romance heroes? Do you prefer Alpha heroes or do you believe that Beta males can be just as amazing?


  1. I like betas, but my heart still goes out to those hot alphas.

    But in real life, I'm married to an amazing beta (who has the body of an alpha). :D

  2. I like how you described the Betas. I'd much rather have a guy with brains. :)

  3. I think what draws me to a hero is an inate sense of justice- what is right and wrong. It's annoying when heros let pride/jealousy/insecurity interfiere with doing what's right both in their relationships with the other characters and in the bigger schemes unless they learn from it or know it's wrong and have to be called out on it.

  4. In real life I enjoy a nice mixture of the two works for me - Betalhpa? In fiction - I like an Alpha who can learn.

  5. Stina, I'm married to a fabulous Beta man myself. Yet I do love to read about Alphas.

    Cherie, I prefer brains over brawn in real life any day!

    Creepy Query Girl, I agree. I have a strong sense of justice myself, so it's important.

    Kate, Betalpha! You coined a new term. I love it!

  6. At first I was, Yeah, Alpha males! Hubba, hubba! But when you described Beta, I was, Oh. Yeah. I really like him. Sigh.

    I guess I like both :)

  7. original protagonists are difficult to find out there, it's true. but i agree on the overkill of paranormal alpha males. done well, it's great. but i'll take a geeky coming of age protagonist any day.
    thoughtful post.

  8. I like both. I think both types of heroes have their charms.

    It depends on the story as to which one I find more alluring.

  9. Why are you making me pick? Love the post!

  10. Ruth, I'm the same way. I have room in my heart for both!

    Ed, there's not enough of those out there. I should write one!

    M Pax, that's true. It does depend on the story.

    Angie, you'll notice I didn't list any myself! *LOL* I can't pick!

  11. I have to say, I love the cliche hero in paranormal romance. It works for me. Insert wistful sigh...

  12. I'm a fan of both actually - especially the surprised Beta we didn't suspect... That works for me everytime:)

  13. I remember reading a book with a beta male. I can't remember the title, but I enjoyed it and found it refreshing.

    I like both types of characters, though.

  14. I have a soft spot for vampires. I do favor alpha males so that's how I like my heroes. However, in one of my WIP I have a beta male that rocks and turns out to be tougher than the rest of them at the end. :)


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