Friday, September 30, 2011

Typing away on Friday

I've had a busy week. I'm trying to catch up on everything because I won't have any time next week. I've been doing some work for my beta readers this week. I haven't done anything on my WIP except tweak my synopsis. I'm trying to give it more of the protagonist's voice. A little attitude and sass.

I'll be picking my mom up at the airport on Sunday afternoon and she'll be staying for a week. I won't be able to get on to blog, comment or respond to emails. Please don't think I'm ignoring any of you.

Thank you very much to Elizabeth Arroyo and Myne Whitman for passing on to me The Versatile Blogger award. They're two wonderfully talented and fascinating women. Please check out their sites.

I watched a Norwegian film last night called Trollhunter. It was a bit silly and done in Blair Witch style, but the trolls were awesome. It's worth it just to see the trolls.

I'm nearing 100 followers. I'm so excited and thankful. Sometimes I get a little stage fright writing an entry. Yet I hope I'm not boring you to death. Once I hit 100 followers, I'll have a giveaway. Hm, any thoughts on a clever name for it?

Have a good weekend!

And yes, that photo demonstrates exactly how I sit down to type with a gorgeous muse whispering in my ear as he admires my sexy lean shapely legs. Well, I guess my legs have shape!


  1. Congrats for the award and nearing 100 followers! That's fantastic!

  2. Very nice photo. It has been a busy week, and I owe work to my crit partners. :-O I'm so far behind on everything.

    Centaurs -- just kidding for the name for 100 followers. :) Don't read those books, you'll never get them out of your head, and it's not a good thing.

    Have a great time with your Mom. See you when you get back to bloggyland.

  3. Congratulations on the followers! :) And congrats on the award.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. i love the noir atmosphere of that old photo!
    have a great wknd, kiddo!

  5. I've had my eye on Trollhunter, just haven't found it yet... Sending you big thanks for help with reviewing my chps - I'm onto yours this weekend:)

  6. Have fun with your mom! I heard of Trollhunter...I must see it!

  7. Sometimes it's good to be away from our computers. Have fun with mom! And thanks for stopping by my blog. You're now one person closer to 100.

  8. Congratz for the followers and the awards! I hope you have a fun week with your mom!

    Trollhunter sounds great! I might take a look!

    I can't think of a clever name. -.-;

  9. Thank you everyone for the congratulations. You know I couldn't have done it without you! ;)

    M Pax, I'll have to send you a message and ask what about Centaurs you were reading as compared to what I was discussing!

    Tania, no rush. :) I just hope you enjoy it.

  10. Love that photo of the muse. Congratulations on the rising number of followers!

  11. That photo is fabulous! What a set of legs...she must be a dancer! I'd like to have those legs...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...and for sharing that you are a fellow flat-shoe-wearing-sort-of-a-girl! High-heels are gorgeous, flattering to the calf and buttox, and downright sexy, but only if you can manage to get from point A to point B without looking as if you're taking a seizure...heh heh. Hope to see you again soon, Christine! ~ Nadja

  12. That's a great photo, and of course everyone's legs have shape, lol....

    Congrats on your followers, and I'll be looking forward to the giveaway.


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