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Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest

Today is Ellie Garret's Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest! Here are the rules to join along:

  • On August 22nd post your top five Star Trek characters and episodes and/or films, and tell us why you love them.
  • Warp your way over to as many of your Starfleet comrades as you can and comment on their choices.
  • Spread the word on all hailing frequencies, and feel free to post the image on your blog.
  • Wear red at your peril.
Remember - the needs of the many bloggers outweigh the needs of the one!

This was difficult. Of all the series and movies, I can't pick just five! I grew up watching the original series since my mother was a fan. Then TNG came along and I was obsessed. DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. All great series.

1) Data. (TNG) Yes, I was a Spiner Femme. I love his perspective on humanity and his struggle to find his own. I love that he had a cat named Spot! His long term story arc with Soong and Lore was fascinating. I can't pick one episode with Data at his best. He's always at his best! Though I do like "Measure of a Man" where an Starfleet scientist wants to dissect Data and they have a hearing to decide if he's a sentient being.

2) The EMH Doctor. (Voyager) The Doctor came in a very close second to Data. He's hilarious! Again, like Data, I love his struggle to become real and how he dealt with the ethical issues of his unique position. One of the funniest episodes is "Message in a Bottle" even though it has Andy Dick. (I loath Andy Dick!)

3) Captain Kathryn Janeway. (Voyager) I adored all the captains, but Janeway stands out a little above the rest in my eyes. I love her spirit and her hard edge contrasting with her nurturing side. "The Omega Directive" and "The Year of Hell" are very good Janeway episodes.

4) Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (TNG) Yes, I do like him better than Kirk! Maybe it's the accent. He's the intellectual and made bald men sexy. The episode that sticks out most for me is "The Best of Both Worlds" where Picard is Locutus of Borg. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I also loved "The Inner Light" where he was hit by a satellite beam and lived a whole other life. It makes me tear up.

5) Major Kira Nerys. (DS9) It was difficult to choose between Kira and Dax, but I like the hard edge Kira has from her days in a labor camp and as part of the resistance against the Cardassians. "Crossover" stands out in my mind, but again, it's the overall story arc that I love.


  1. I would have picked Dax. :) I liked so many characters for so many different reasons. Did you happen to catch the name of the holographic doctor? I read somewhere that he eventually picked one. :)

  2. Laila, there was quite a few names that the Doctor picked. Dr. Zimmerman is the one I remember. Yet at the end of the series, in the future, he settled on Joe.

  3. I love your selections. That doctor always made me smile. And Data's just my hero.

  4. Oh, I forgot all about the EMH Doctor! How could I? He was one of my favorites too! :)

    Data all the way! :)

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  5. Kira vs. Dax. Hmmmmm. Kira. At least she wasn't really a creepy old dude inside. Good list and a fine blogfest entry.

  6. Great choices! I'm a huge fan of both Voyager and Next Generation and only for Data and Picard! :)

  7. Nice list. I also liked Jean-luc Picard better than Kirk (though Kirk is awesome too) but I do think Patrick Stewart brought the role to life in a way no one else could.

    And you can't go wrong with Data as number 1 :)

  8. I'm glad to see so many other Data fans out there!

    Maurice, that's hilarious! I almost forgot about Dax being a Trill and Sisko calling her "old man" all the time. *LOL*

  9. Great selection, I never saw much of Voyager, but I do know that the physical aspect was based of the inventor, Dr. Zimmerman. hm, that sounded familiar. I liked Dax better than Kira. I think it was the spots.

  10. We saw more of Data's family than of any other main character in The Next Generation. We saw his "father," "grandpa," "daughter," long lost evil "twin brother," and "mother." Very complete.

  11. Yeah, it's so hard to pick, but I love all of the characters that you picked. Thanks for taking a tour of the Federation with us! "Inner Light" is such a great episode, and I love the episode later when he starts dating the piano-playing scientist and plays a duet with her on the little flute that he got in "Inner Light."

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  12. The enthusiam shown for the 'newer' versions of Star Trek makes me want to check them out!
    Great Post!

  13. The Doctor IS hilarious! Had some of the best lines as well.

  14. Great choices. It was so hard to narrow it down to 5.

  15. YES YES YES! I didn't put all those as my final choices, but they were some of my favs too. :O)

  16. I loved your choices, especially Janeway! Sorry to take so long to get around to your entry.

  17. Hi, Christine. You guys are really making me feel bad that I never got into any of the other series! Lol! I did embrace the new Star Trek. Perhaps it's time to fill in the blanks, huh?
    Thanks for the post.


  18. Ah, The Inner Light; that was the episode I couldn't remember the name of, but was one of my favorites.

    Really love your reasonings here. Some characters just stick with us.

    Sorry I'm late; I'm always late. The White Rabbit had nothing on me . .


  19. Big ups for Picard! He's such a renaissance man. He'll always have my heart. And I thought Janeway rocked as captain too.... loved that her first officer was Native American.


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