Friday, August 12, 2011

The reliable quiet man

I threw out my back this morning. It happens every twelve months or so. My lower left side goes into spasms that knock me to my knees with the pain. I can barely move.

It's the worst day to have it happen too. My husband planned on going up north for the weekend to see his father who had heart surgery. Our son and I were going to a picnic with friends tomorrow. I'm lucky if I can sit down without pain. Plus, the boy is nearly 16 months old. He's full of energy and into everything. I attempted to go it alone for the day, but I tried to pick up a 26 pound toddler and I nearly passed out.

My husband talked to his father and will go up next week to see him instead. He's staying home to help me out. He just took our son to the park and left me with a heating pad on my back in front of the computer. I'm working on some edits and blurbs for my WIP. He's not an overly romantic type of guy, but he's there when it matters.

When I write my heroes, they're usually the Alpha male. The sexy bad boy with a good heart. It's the kind of heroes I like to read about, but in real life, I'll take my reliable quiet man over the bad boy any day.


  1. There are few things worse than back pain. I'm glad Keith decided to postpone his trip. Take care of yourself!

  2. That's nice of your husband. HOpe your feeling better by now ... will see when I read your next post. :)


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