Saturday, June 25, 2011

Titles can be so elusive

I finished my first full edit of my latest WIP. I think the story flows well. It's a fun tale. I don't take myself too seriously and that's exactly how I wanted it to feel. There's things I might need to add or change, but I'll wait until my critique partners have a chance to read it. No one else has read the manuscript yet. I know how I want to make my readers feel, but whether it's accomplished that or not, I won't know until I get someone else's opinion.

I still don't have a title. I need something flirty. Something with a key or curse and lion or sphinx in it. The Key To A Lion's Hunger. How To Make A Lion Roar. I don't know. The few others I've thought of are far too silly and dirty. Yes, those two are the nicer ones! Sometimes stories make it difficult for me to name them. Usually when that happens, I just name them for their protagonists. It won't work for this book. Verena is a lovely name, but it doesn't tell anyone a thing about what the story is about.

I'm going to let the manuscript sit a week. Then I'll go back at it again with fresh eyes. I have a dark fantasy short story and the premiere of True Blood to distract me until I get back to it.

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  1. Don't worry - I sent mine to my publisher this week without a title!


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