Friday, June 17, 2011

I'll just keep trying

Two more rejections. One short story and one manuscript. The short story is not good enough for a SFWA certified publication. I will write another story. It will be a better story. I will craft it with all my skill and polish it until it shines. I have a great idea for a dark fantasy story. I only need to think of a twist for the ending. Something no one expects.

As for the manuscript, it has gotten some love, but it hasn't managed to find a home. It's mainstream paranormal romance (on the erotic side). I received a simple form rejection letter this time. I think I will put the manuscript aside for the time being and concentrate on my newest WIP. This new one was written for a particular publisher. I believe it has great potential. It really needs to be polished, though. And a title. I still haven't manged to think of a title.

I did some editing for my WIP yesterday. I chuckled as I read it. It's a fun story. Nothing heavy or too dark. A wonderful paranormal romantica getaway for readers.


  1. Aww, too bad about the rejections. Speaking of your newest WIP, I need to get back to reading it. It's so much fun.

  2. If you can still laugh at your own writing, then that's a plus! Just keep plowing forward through the rejections.


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