Monday, March 22, 2021

Silver at Midnight & Secrets of the Mermaid are live!

 The next two books in the thrilling Keepers of Knowledge series are now available!

(Book #5 had a little bit of a technical hiccup. It's all better now!)

Meet Aisling ÓCléirigh, Fae . . .

More specifically . . . a Fae with a secret. And if she’s not careful, it could get her killed.

Once upon a time, a Fae and a human changed the course of the world in ways no one could have predicted. Ways that have left Aisling “Aish” O'Cléirigh with dangerous secrets she’s duty-bound to protect. Her race, her heart, her very life depend on keeping them safe.

Just as Aish begins to think she has everything under control, an invitation arrives at her door. Suddenly, every secret she’s been protecting is in danger of coming to light. The only way to safeguard her skeletons is to accept.

She’s heard whispers about the clandestine society that offers her a position in its ranks, so she anticipates the Cloak and Dagger experience that awaits her in the coastal town of Pyreshore. What she doesn’t anticipate is finding the one person who could expose everything she’s worked to protect.

The stakes are escalating.

Time is running out.

Will her secrets unleash a war that could destroy the supernatural races? Or can she prove herself worthy of being a Keeper of Knowledge? After all, every secret needs a Keeper.

Buy Silver at Midnight here!

Meet Indigo Rain, a beautiful but lonely mermaid.

Regretful of a dark past, she has vowed to remain alone and research ancient merfolk tribes. When she unearths a seabed burial site that even she cannot identify, she shares this with a High Council merfolk historian. But she keeps one shocking secret to herself.

Bay Finley is the flirty, dashing Royal merfolk Keeper assigned to teach Indigo on Pyreshore, a glamoured city of supernaturals tasked with keeping the invaluable knowledge alive. Indigo thinks Bay is a haughty know-it-all. She also thinks he’s dangerously handsome. He’s engaged to Abigail Torrent, a Royal, unlike Indigo. But he’s spending lots of time with Indigo in the lab…

Indigo has three quests:
Uncover the mystery of the burial tablet, resist falling in love, and never, ever reveal her biggest secret, even to the Keepers.

Some secrets heal, some kill. Other secrets change life as we know it.

10 books, 10 authors, 10 keepers, 1 shared world
Books can be read in any orde

Buy Secrets of the Mermaid here!

My book in this awesome shared world series, Curse of the Hunted, will be released April 12th! I'll have a cover reveal coming up soon. I haven't even seen it yet! I'm so excited.