Monday, December 7, 2020

Lords of Lies and Prophecies Cover Reveal


It will take an impossible alliance to save the remnants of their kind.

But will the shifters slaughter themselves even before the Devourer destroys the world?

Morag, the great vampire stronghold, has fallen. Odran Rhys has led his people across the brutal desert to join with their enemy in the name of survival. But when they arrive at the shifters’ territory, he finds instead the threat of genocide at every turn.

Aderyn Wyndchaser is home at last, but her already tenuous position as Omega Alpha is further undermined by her sharing a bed with the vampire king. Now, she must not only convince her people that the alliance is needed, but that she is capable of leading them.

As Odran attempts to strength Aderyn’s position, civil war erupts. Loyalties are divided. Truth and lies blur. And the rulers’ feelings for each other are tested like never before. But they must rise above it all before the Devourer arrives.

Because it will annihilate them all.

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I'm so excited for the release of this book on December 19th. My co-author, Pixie Stormcrow and I had such fun writing this second book in the trilogy. There are so many layers. I love it! My talented friend also designed the cover. She does such fabulous work. Check her covers out!