Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! Three Treats for You!

When black cats sneak,
and pumpkins gleam,
May fun be yours
on Halloween!

For the past five days, the first three books of my TOTEM series have been free. Now I'm making that treat extra sweet, and the next three books in the series are free until Saturday!

Don't forget this is the last day for Fantasy Book Giveaway's trick or treat for paranormal candy event. Free and 99c books, plus a big book bundle giveaway!


  1. Free books are a fantastic treat. Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween! Free books are always a fun way to celebrate. ^_^

  3. Hi Christine - love the giveaways ... while the little poem is fun to read - and I know you'll have all enjoyed your Halloween - cheers Hilary