Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review for Murder, Madness & Love

Sunlight blazes on an empty canvas.

Arctic winds gather snowflakes on a frosty window ledge as a statuesqueform appears. She moves past a table littered with papers. Headlines splash news of murder, but it’s the photo of another young woman with features mirroring her own that draws her attention.

A different headline peeks from underneath the Anchorage Times.

Wealthy Businessman Dies in Car Crash … BLACK WIDOW SUSPECTED!

Graphic images swirl through her head and a tear rolls down her cheek. She drifts toward an easel and a trembling hand dips a sable brush into a palette of paint.

The Westminster doorbell chimes. The brush slips and blood-red paint stains the floor.

Detective Steven Quaid waits. His Tlingit, Indian features carved from granite, mask his Irish passion …

Will he arrest her this time?

All fingers point to her guilt.

But, is she guilty of this cunning plot? Or, just a victim of circumstantial evidence?

The door opens …

My review:
Having been branded a black widow, Sarah Palmer moves to Alaska where she grew up and hopes she can find the peace she's been seeking. Yet the shadow of her husband's death follows her and darkens are murders of women who look similar to her begin to happen. Detective Steven Quaid always trusts his gut. It has never let him down. At first he distrusts Sarah, but then his feelings for her grow and he finds himself caught in her spell. Maybe his gut was wrong this time. Or could he be the black widow's next victim?

A skillfully crafted crime thriller that has you on the edge of your seat through to the end. Just when you think you might have it figured out, the plot twists again and you're left with new questions. It's difficult to trick me and I don't fall easily for red herrings, but I had no idea how this story would turn out. It was wonderful how all the pieces fit together at the end.

Sarah is a strong protagonist. A woman who you can sympathize with and yet get suspicious of at the same time! I particularly liked Steven Quaid. He played it smart even when his emotions were involved. I can't wait to read more with him in Yolanda Renee's next novel.

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  1. I'm reading this novel at the moment and agree with Christine... I'm 70% (on Kindle) and gripped. I'm also reading yours, one 'floor' at a time. Review to come shortly. :D

  2. Christine, you've definitely sold it to me, and as soon as I've sorted the problems I'm having with my Kindle I'll buy. I'm also desperate to get back to The 13th Floor Complete ...
    There was a WiFi problem!

  3. The synopsis and your review make this sound like a real good thriller. I love thrillers. Thanks, Christine.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  4. She's going to be very happy with that review!

  5. Hi Christine, awesome review! I'm hoping to get my hands on Memories of Murder soon and then dive into this one afterwards. (:

  6. I think I'm in the mood for a thriller now. This one sounds great! Thanks. ☺

  7. I love a mystery that can keep you guessing. Thanks for the review, Christine!

  8. Thank you to everyone for stopping by. Yolanda's book was fantastic!

  9. That sounds like an excellent read! I started wondering - does she have a twin? A look-alike? Does she have a multiple personality? ok, I know I'm jumping at tiny bits of ideas here, but the blurb and your review got me hooked. :)

  10. Christine!

    What an awesome surprise, Thank you! It's times like this that make writing so worthwhile. It's been a rough week and this just pushes all that to where it belongs and makes the day, the week, much, much brighter!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  11. Ooh, this sounds so suspenseful. Great review!

  12. I hadn't heard of this novel but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  13. Great sounding book... the type of book i'd read. I'll be checking it out:) Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Christine,

    Delighted to see your excellent, thoughtful review of Yolanda's book. I'm wishing Yolanda so much success and fulfilment with this. Indeed, the book is testimony to Yolanda's resilience and determination.


  15. great cover- but *shudders* spiders...backs slowly out of the room.

  16. I do not like spiders, but that is a good cover. Thanks for sharing your review of this book. I'd read it.

  17. Great review! Sounds like a compelling book!

  18. This sounds like a page turner. Thanks for the review.


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