Monday, September 9, 2013

More Than Just A Kiss Blogfest

“A kiss, when all is said, what is it? 'Tis a secret told to the mouth instead of to the ear.” ~ Edmond Rostand

I'm so excited that today is the first day of the MORE THAN JUST A KISS blogfest! I'm co-hosting the event with the wonderful and talented Cecilia Robert.
Sweet, sizzling, fiery, awkward, mind-blowing. We want to read your kissing scenes.

The rules are simple:
1. Sign up on the linky list and post the badge on your blog.
2. On one of the days of the week of September 9th, post a kissing scene on your blog. It can be either fiction or non-fiction.
3. Please do not exceed 250 words.
4. This is a blogfest, so visit the other participants and have fun!
But wait! This is more than a blogfest.
We're offering prizes!
The scenes will be judged by these amazing romance authors: Cecilia Robert, Laurelin Paige, Kyra Lennon, and Christine Rains. (Hey, that's me!) We will choose three posts to win these awesome prizes.
Prize 1 - A critique of a kissing/intimate scene from your WIP (not exceeding ten pages). Critiques will be done by Cecilia Robert, Kyra Lennon, and Christine Rains.

Prize 2 - A critique of a kissing/intimate scene from your WIP (not exceeding five pages). This critique will be done by Laurelin Paige and Christine.

Prize 3 - A critique of a kissing/intimate scene from your WIP (not exceeding one page). This critique will be done by Cecilia and Christine.

Cecilia, Kyra, Laurelin, and I will each choose one of our favorites to give out some fantastic ebooks.
Laurelin - FIXED ON YOU
Christine – All six volumes of the 13th Floor series.

I'll be sharing kisses from my books each day this week. Maybe they'll offer you some inspiration. You've all week to join in! You don't have to be a writer, and you can opt not to win a critique. Yet we'll still include you in the running to win the bonus prizes. Just give us some kisses!
A kiss from THE GHOST (Vol. 6 of the 13th Floor series)

Chiharo froze when she realized his hands had covered hers. He wasn't prying her off him as he should've with a panicking girl. Instead, he drew her closer until their bodies were almost touching. Jeremy was skinny and closer to her short height than Tim. A much better fit for her.

He raised his hands, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. She expected him to say something. His mouth was always running. Maybe something cheesy, a compliment, or even a curse word she hadn't heard yet.

Nothing. His fingers slid into her hair, and she shivered. The second before a kiss. It was just as intense as the act itself. The tension between them chased the chill away. Warmth spread through her as color lit up his face.

Was he this beautiful before?

His lips parted just slightly before he kissed her. They were softer than she expected and hotter still. She melted against him and flattened her palms against his chest. Her eyes fluttered closed as she made a little wanton sound that she'd never heard come from herself before.

Jeremy was neither too gentle nor sweet. His tongue tangled with hers as if seeking the source of her moan.

Whoever said a person's first kiss was always the best was never kissed a second time.


  1. Ah, I LOVE that last line! Great work!!

  2. Aw! Love these two so much. What a perfect scene to start off this blogfest! :D

  3. Beautiful. Going to echo Kyra on the last line. Just wonderful!

  4. That was light and intense all at once. You could feel her nervousness and awe in this excerpt. This was great and definitely worth joining this fest.

  5. Great scene, and that last line said it all.

    Can't wait to read the other entries!

  6. LOL- Love that ending line! Thanks so much for hosting this fest it's super fun!
    My Blog

  7. "seeking the source of her moan" - sexy. :)

  8. Ok I officially need to be kissed a second time- LOL

  9. I think this is one of my favourite kisses from the 13th Floor series. You captured the magic of a first kiss perfectly, and the final line is just brilliant.

  10. I also love that last line. Great scene!

  11. That last line really let you see the possible let down, which I'm sure we've all experienced at some time. :)

  12. Agree with the others, love the last line! Perfect scene. :)

  13. this, Christine! :)
    ....His mouth was always running. Maybe something cheesy, a compliment, or even a curse word she hadn't heard yet. Jeremy must be character to be reckoned with. :D
    I love this kissing scene, especially when she says he was kissing her as if seeking the source of her moan. Intense! :)

  14. Thank you, everyone! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's kissing scenes. I'm a bit behind today since my son isn't napping. I'm trying to distract him with Peppa Pig!

  15. Read a few hot kiss scenes already. What a great idea for a blogfest.

  16. I agreee, great last line- and electrifying scene overall!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today, and for entering Yolanda's giveaway!

  17. Yup, the last line got me. AWESOME!

    Loved the contrasts in the narrator's description. Beautiful.

  18. Loved the scene! And fantastic idea for a blogfest. :)

  19. Christine, I love how you added so many new elements I've never read before to your kissing scene - like how's he not super tall but more her height, etc. It's those little details that make such a difference. It's jam-packed with all those writing gems. I'm all for second kisses and learning what you like :-)


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