Sunday, December 18, 2011

I am Neo

I've always been able to remember my dreams. And, oh, what dreams I have! Lots of monsters, haunted houses, flying, and walking out of the house without pants. My dreams inspire me to write a lot of stories.

I've a lot of control over my dreams too. I know I'm dreaming, and if I'm unhappy with the way a dream is going, I can change it or wake up. I am Neo of the dream world.

I had a fun one the other night. I woke up at six to pee, and knowing that I only had another hour or so of sleep ahead of me, I went back to bed. In the dream, I had to save a mermaid girl from two evil brothers. (They were like the evil versions of the Kratts Brothers.) The mermaid was the key to ridding the world of pollution and saving life on the planet itself. I got held up in a house with friends. We were surrounded by the Brothers' goons. I knew I only had a few more minutes of sleep ahead of me. I needed the action to go quicker. I walked outside and giant mutant dogs lunged at me. I held up a hand and said, "Sit." They sat. The goons aimed guns at me. I said, "No bullets." The guns were all empty. I ran down the road. I had to get to the beach, but it was across town. Nope, not acceptable. I created a road right there that lead to the beach. There was a huge line of people waiting to get in through the military checkpoint-like entrance. I jumped up to the top of a cliff and ran off, flying out over the water. The Atlantic Ocean. How was I going to find the mermaid? Well, I sent the Pez Army to track the Brothers. It was easy to spot the Pez Army since it was so large. Yes, I said Pez Army. Those little sugar candies are powerful as they are yummy. I flew out and was about to rescue the mermaid when my alarm went off. Maybe the brothers planned that too. Hmm.

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  1. wow. that is some dream!
    i hardly ever remember my dreams.

  2. I want a Pez army!
    I can control dreams as well, but not in a fun manner. All it takes is for one really weird element to show up and I tell myself I'm dreaming and I wake up. Even if it was something good, I know it's not real. My wife says I spoil so many good dreams that way...

  3. That's a very cool dream. I remember a lot of my dreams. Most are reoccurring ones too.

  4. I dreamed I was eating an Almond Joy (or maybe a Mounds) last night so when I was at the grocery store I bought one and ate it for real. Spooky!

  5. Trish, that was tame compared to most of my dreams!

    Alex, I can contract out the Pez Army to you. It'll cost you some good candy. I agree with your wife. You shouldn't wake yourself up!

    Cherie, what sort of recurring dreams do you have?

    Grumpy Bulldog, wow, that is spooky. Tell me when you dream of the lottery numbers!

  6. I have weird dreams, but can't control them. My husband claims he can go back to sleep and finish the dream. I can't remember which writer could do that, continue the dream THE NEXT NIGHT!
    I think it's why we're writers. We have these strange dreams that turn into plots of our books. Very cool stuff.

    Have a good one Christine!

  7. That's an interesting dream!

    I rarely control my dreams. Sometimes if things are really bad I'll be able to wake myself up--but not usually.

  8. Wow, you're dreams are very vivid.. and how awesome that you are aware of things in them... that is too cool.

  9. Lucid dreaming. Not many do it, but everyone can with some practice. I would say that maybe half of the time I'm dreaming, it's lucid.

    Once, I was having a nightmare. There were some gunmen who had broken into the school where I was a teacher (I was a teacher 11 yrs ago), and the two security guards outside the office where I was hiding were killed. I didn't like that, so I "hit reverse" and put an army of heavily armed guards outside the door, and they took out the two criminals.

    Lucid dreaming does have a a big upside.

  10. You've got me beat by a long country mile on dreams. I generally dream about not having any butter in the house, or maybe getting to work and forgetting it was a denim day.

    Now, I used to have great dreams, I don't know what happened.

  11. I wish I could control dreams like that. Lately, my dreams seem to be connected to work, and are always rather mundane too. Not actually related to any actual occurrence. Bizarre. I'd much rather dream about mermaids.

  12. Lorelei, I really try to continue the good dreams, but it rarely works out for me. I remember reading somewhere about a writer who could do that too.

    TGE, at least you can wake yourself up sometimes. No one wants to be locked in a nightmare!

    Tania, it is! I just wish I had more control over what I get to dream about in the first place!

    Jay, yes, lucid dreaming. I very much like the upside! :)

    Rusty and C D, no fun to dream about mundane things. My husband has those sorts of dreams. Who wants to dream about work when you're not at work?

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