Monday, May 10, 2021

Harbinger of Betrayal release day!


Meet Siobhan Cross, Banshee and Historian.

Learning you’re a banshee is never easy, but the way it happened to Siobhan? It’s an experience that will never leave her.

Growing up an only child of divorced parents, she lived primarily with her overprotective and controlling mother. Siobhan was homeschooled almost half her life. But on her eighteenth birthday, her whole world was torn apart by tragedy and the revelation of her true self.

Picking up the pieces, she moved on and worked to make her father proud. Then, shortly after graduating college, she received a letter inviting her to Pyreshore, New Hampshire to train for one of the covet positions in The Keepers of Knowledge.

Arriving in the picturesque little town, she meets fellow banshee Ethan Hall, and discovers the depth of her talents. But when the pair is sent to Scotland in search of supernatural artifacts, intrigue ensues and Siobhan must risk her life to help uncover a thief. Will her newfound talents be enough to recover the artifacts safely, or will the secrets of her faction be the death of her?

After all, every secret needs a keeper.

10 books, 10 authors, 10 keepers, 1 shared world.


The Keepers of Knowledge series is complete!

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