Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Darkmoon Descendant (The Keepers of Knowledge #2)


Meet Katherine King, Werewolf...
Some bloodlines run dark. Some darkness can’t be overcome.
For Katherine “Kay” King, that could mean life or death.
After losing her werewolf brother, Kay stumbled through a perpetual fog wondering what wrong she had committed so severely against the universe to have her best friend snatched away. It was a loss that left her feeling like she didn’t belong and didn’t have a purpose.
Until the day a perplexing letter arrived. An invitation to join a centuries-old assemblage of supernatural creatures charged with maintaining the history of all supernatural races—The Keepers of Knowledge. However, when the letter arrived, so did the nightmares of being hunted by a pack of gray-eyed Alphas hell-bent on collecting a mysterious treasure she possessed.
Even accepting the invitation of the Keepers and moving to Pyreshore to train didn’t put an end to the dreams. In fact, day one of training brought her face to face with the eyes that haunted her dreams. Eyes that do something to her in the light of day she doesn’t feel when she closes her eyes to sleep. Eyes she’s certain will be the obstacle she must overcome in her quest to secure her race’s artifact—the one she protects in her dreams. The one tied to a curse that has plagued her family for centuries.
Can she trust the man behind those eyes to help her retrieve the artifact and move her bloodline in a new direction? Or will her family’s secret pull her into the darkness as her ancestors before her?

After all, every secret needs a keeper.

10 books, 10 authors, 10 keepers, 1 shared world.

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