Monday, October 16, 2017

Guest post by Lisa Griffin - Ways A Fiction Writer Can Find Freelance Work Online

I'm excited to welcome Lisa Griffin to my blog today to share with you some tips on how to find freelance work. I'm over at the IWSG blog talking about critique group etiquette.

Ways a fiction writer can find freelance work online
There are many opportunities to start a career as a writer. To implement most of them, the freelance home writers need to use all their skills. A freelance writer is a person who writes texts without entering into an employment relationship with any company or publishing house that acts as a small entrepreneur or an independent contractor.
You can engage in freelancing on an ongoing basis, turning writing activity into a source of livelihood, or use it as a part-time supplement to income from the primary job. Also, you can do it for fun, or you can sharpen your skills by adding a list of competencies to your resume. This article outlines the basics that will help you make it easier for you to get a job if you are a freelance fiction writer.
1. Set a goal and work on your skills.
If you plan to engage yourself in journalism and write for an online newspaper, allocate as much time as you need to earn a decent living. This means that you may have to work early in the morning or in the evenings, using any free minute, even on weekends. This first and foremost practice will test your strength and motivation. Be ready to be paid hourly, but remember to constantly improve your skills to increase personal rate.
2. Be active in the writing environment.
There are many groups and associations of freelance writers around the world. Become a part of them to get acquainted with other authors, get practical advice and strengthen your positions as a self-sufficient writer. A quick Internet search will help you find a local organization operating in your area. Look for a group that conducts meetings, workshops, arranges interviews with guests and provides recommendations on writing, publishing and marketing products, contacts with various publishers and their Internet counterparts. Membership in such organizations can bring you recognition and diversity of future orders.
3. Start organizing your portfolio.
It is essential to illustrate your skills in the portfolio to attract potential employers. Beginners can start writing small free articles for non-commercial sites. Thus, you will be able to engage in the professional activity and most importantly get the material published under your name, which you can show to potential employers and customers. You need such a portfolio for them to take you seriously and offer you a job.
Start collaborating with well-known websites or blogs that allow you to publish articles on a voluntary basis. Contact their owners and explain what you want to do for the portfolio and would like to write something for free, if only your name was mentioned as an author.
4. Set up a blog
Why look for best paid blog writing jobs, when you can set up your web page? If you are experienced in freelance creative writing, you have probably written a bunch of articles and long reads. Gather them in a blog.
If you are a beginner in a writing field and looking for
freelance writing jobs from home, you can start a blog, where you can share own thoughts and ideas. Tell people about teaching or learning and develop own memorable style.
If you are an editor, you can still come across a job in blogging. Look through popular blog pages, advice bloggers to edit and proofread their texts.
5. Start looking for copywriting work.
Once you feel that you are capable of writing like a professional, think about what you would like to write about and start communicating with people. Find publishers you'd like to work with, and read their guidelines. Do not write queries and articles that cannot be published due to non-compliance with the required conditions. It's like going to an interview without having studied the affairs of the company which you want to become your employer. Conduct market research and form your target. And be sure to send a request to major publishers before sending a finished article, unless you are willing to spend precious time on material that will never be published.

Lisa Griffin
is an author for and blogger. This successful woman knows a lot about how to stay motivated and inspired. Lisa is always ready to give opportune advice and provide assistance. Lisa’s motto is “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” She loves traveling and expanding her horizons. Working with people is Lisa’s real passion.


  1. Hi Christine and Lisa ... great ideas here ... it's a useful thought for some extra cash and the way in to earning a living on line - cheers Hilary

  2. I've often wondered about freelance writing. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks for the great advice. I'm currently a contract writer for a web marketing firm and actually make enough money to barely support myself each month. But if the job goes away, I'll be following these tips.

  4. And treat it like a job not a hobby. Great advice, Lisa!

  5. I haven't explored it myself, but I hear that Fiverr is a great launching platform for this.

  6. Extra money is always nice. Good tips. Thanks!

  7. I'm going to forward this to someone who might really benefit.

  8. I keep telling myself I'll attempt this freelance thing when I have more time. MORE TIME, who's kidding who!
    Thanks for the review of The Snowman, so COOL!

  9. Thank you to everyone for popping in today. Lisa's article has given me lots to think about too.

  10. Thanks for this! Sometimes I wonder about what all goes into becoming a freelancer. This looks really informative. :)

  11. Great guest post, Lisa! I freelance as an artist, not as a writer, but I still found myself nodding to a lot of this...

  12. Great advice, good stuff to consider.

  13. Great information! Thanks for sharing it.

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