Friday, March 3, 2017

Great opportunity for promoting!

I'm part of a fantastic group called Fantasy Book Giveaways along with two talented authors, T.F. Walsh and A.A. Chamberlynn. Every month or so, we organize and host a sale and giveaway for paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors. It's a marvelous way to promote your book and it's free! We have a huge combined audience, and the more authors that participate, the more readers we can reach.

This month is our Get Lucky! book fair. We're featuring books that are in Kindle Unlimited. If you're interested, pop on over and sign up.

I'll remind you later this month about the event so you can enter to win the big prize bundle of books!


  1. That's a cool idea! I'll be waiting to enter. ^_^

  2. Good luck to one and all Christine ... everyone needs that extra help with marketing and promoting ... cheers Hilary

  3. I submitted a book to this one since I now have a newsletter to include. ;)

  4. Sounds great and an excellent way to help other authors. I'll keep my eyes open for the book fair!


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