Friday, June 17, 2016

Cover Reveal for Love In The First Degree


Title: Love In The First Degree (a charity anthology raising money for the Innocence Project)


Authors: Sarah Elizabeth & Ashlee Bryan, Kyra Lennon, Kirsty-Anne Still, Clare Dugmore, Allana Walker, and Laura Morgan



Love In The First Degree is a collection of short stories written by seven authors who have
come together to help raise money for The Innocence Project. This anthology includes stories by Kyra Lennon, Sarah Elizabeth & Ashlee Bryan, Kirsty-Anne Still, Laura Morgan, Allana Walker, and Clare Dugmore.

Each story speaks of crime, passion, determination, and most importantly, intense romance that will leave you thinking about the characters long after you have finished turning the pages.

Being wrongfully accused of a crime could happen to anyone, anywhere, and The Innocence Project works hard to overturn wrongful convictions and help innocent people get back to their real lives where they rightfully belong. All proceeds from sales of Love In The First Degree will be donated to The Innocence Project.

Genre: Romance (Contemporary/Paranormal)
Release date: July 18th
Author: Sarah Elizabeth & Ashlee Bryan
Title: Forbidden Innocence
Let there be love, or let there be hate.
But, what if there is both?
She’s from the good side.
He’s from the bad side.
We both hate.
And we both love.
We are a sin.
But, in the end, it all comes down to being in the wrong place, at the right time.
Only she can protect my future.
Only he has the power to allow that to happen.
The end result is just the same.
One of us has the option to make the ultimate sacrifice.
But will she?
But will I?

Author: Kyra Lennon
Title: Reasonable Doubts
Darcy Ryan is a woman on a mission.
A mission to take down the corrupt cops who ensured her best friend, Matteo Torres, went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit – the murder of his wife, Rebecca.
Darcy is willing to do just about anything to prove his innocence, including getting up close and personal with the case’s lead detective, Finn Drake.
She knows she’s playing a dangerous game, but it gets more dangerous then she could have ever imagined when she discovers everything she thought she knew about Rebecca Torres was wrong, and Finn Drake isn’t the man she thought he was either.

Author: Clare Dugmore
Title: Seeking The Truth
Erin Reynolds has been on the West Midlands Police force for seven years. She’s seen some strange things in the line of duty, but nothing quite like this.
On her first day working as a detective Erin witnesses something that makes the whole department question her sanity, and leads to her being sent on a leave of absence.
Desperate to prove what she saw was real, Erin tracks down the only other witness, Arcane Specialist Morgan Jackson. The occult expert is as infuriating as he is charming.
When the killer leaves a disturbing message on her answer phone, Erin is forced to work with Morgan in order to catch the culprit and get her job reinstated.
The hunt takes them around the West Midlands, visiting a flirty priestess, a druid on the wrong side of the law and a sorcerer from Morgan’s past. As Erin learns more about the supernatural world, she also realizes there’s more to Morgan than just his sarcastic wit and arcane knowledge.
She's drawn to him almost as deeply as she is to the truth of what she saw. Her feelings for him are bought into sharp when Morgan gets on the wrong side of the murderer and it's up to Erin to rescue him, and stop the occult forces plaguing the area before the darkness takes over.

Author: Laura Morgan
Title: Ensnared
A hand outstretches amidst the chaos of a brutal attack, offering safety and protection—but only in the arms of a villainous gangster who certainly isn’t going to be good news. Take it and accept the consequences? Or refuse and risk losing it all in the aftermath?
That’s exactly what happens to Bree Locke the night she meets mobster Alexis Ramon.
What seems like a good idea at the time ends up being the turning point in her life, but how will things pan out, and will she be able to survive the consequences of her decision?
Because when you fall from the frying pan into the fire, you’re going to get burned…

Author: Kirsty-Anne Still
Title: Love Me Not
I love him. He loves me. Our love story was that easy. I stuck by that, making sure he knew I was his person, his rock when he was arrested for murder. A murder that I knew he didn’t commit. But here I am, breaking his heart, unravelling our love story. All to save him. I’d break his heart – and mine – a thousand times over if it clears his name.
*** I wasn’t raised to be a good man. I was loved to be one. She was the one constant when my world started falling apart. Until she wasn’t. I was no longer the man I had become. I was a murderer, a criminal, a broken man. She started to see me as the murdered I was branded, but mark my words, this doesn’t end here. When I’m a free man I’ll tear this world apart to get her back.

Author: Allana Walker
Title: Believe
What happens when the one guy you thought would protect you, doesn't? What happens when your
own family and friends turn against you in your time of need? What happens when all you want is someone to
believe you? What happens when the one person you least expect does? Find out how one girls life turns upside
down only to turn back with a few simple words... "I believe you."



  1. Hi Christine - it sounds to be just what we need now to address some very serious issues - the Innocence Project I need to find out more about ... but I congratulate you all on the Anthology ... the cover is clever - all the best - Hilary

  2. Bravo to the cover! That really looks inviting.

  3. What a great cover! And I love how they're raising money for the Innocence Project.

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I love this cover! And what a great bunch of authors donating to a marvelous charity. :)

  5. Always love a good cause. Wishing them so much luck. :)

  6. Very eye-catching cover. And the stories all sound fabulous:)

  7. I think the Innocence Project does great work. They deserve all the donations they can get. A big round of applause for the authors in the anthology for helping! Awesome! :)

  8. Such a lovely and evocative cover. I've never heard of the Innocence Project before, but it sounds like a good cause to support!

  9. Sounds like a worthy cause. Hope sales are good come July 18th.

  10. Sounds like an interesting one and it's great that they're supporting an important cause!

  11. Writers are among the most generous people I know. What a great project to contribute their talents to.

  12. what a great anthology! and i'm excited to know some of the authors!
    beautiful, emotive cover, too!

    ps - from last post, I love Michael Crichton too - you know he's my guy! and I read TIMELINE - loved it! Saw movie, not very good, just read the book again =)

  13. These all sound like amazing stories! The Innocence Project is something that keeps cropping up around me lately--such a great cause!!


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