Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wicked Wednesday - do the yucky things

In case you're wondering, yes, those are real lungs in the picture. A local college brought them to the recent Math & Science Night at my son's school. No one got sick or ran off screaming. The children thought it was awesome.

Did I touch the lungs too? You betcha!

We often hear the more we live, the better writers we will be. I completely agree. But it isn't all about doing exciting, clean things. We should experience the stuff that grosses us out too.

Change a baby's stinky diaper, make a bug pie, or walk through the mud with bare feet. And if you're brave, you can go to the next level. I've walked through a swamp and sewage, sat in the back of a garbage truck, and been in the back of a funeral home.

We writers do have spectacular imaginations, but experiencing something will make our writing better. Will I ever write about a character touching lungs? I don't know, but I know how they feel now, and it's not what you would expect.

Go out there and do something yucky!

What is the yuckiest thing you've ever experienced?

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  1. Wow, I don't remember getting to see any organs when I was in school. (That's probably the only time I will ever be able to use that line.)
    Yuckiest thing? Scrubbing white walls for eight hours was disgusting.

  2. Oh no! I have to actually DO something yucky? Like Alex, my yucky stuff was in school. I once dissected a fetal pig. I survived, but I'd dreaded it the entire semester!

  3. Definitely a different kind of pep talk - love it! :)

    Even if we don't use the yucky experience in our writing, we can use the emotions that went along with us doing it - the squeamishness, the fear, etc.

  4. Yay! Make messes, don't run from trouble and live life to the fullest, eh? What a great opportunity to learn.

  5. What an awesome exhibit! My job calls for doing yucky things all the time, then teaching about it. Things I've seen done to a dead body might raise a few eyebrows... ;)

  6. Hi Christine - gosh what a wonderful post ... I have not done most of those things ... but I'd guess lungs were spongy ... I've made manure pies and got my parents to eat them ... well tried!

    Good for you both - your son will learn from you .. cheers Hilary

  7. I was forced to disect a frog when I was in school (many years ago). We also disected a pigs heart. Gross!!! I wouldn't want to do it again. I'm getting the shivers just thinking about it. Great post though, Christine and I'm glad your son (and you) had a lot of fun. Have a great week.

  8. So true, everything needs to be experienced. I've been in situations to endure yucky stiff, but I'm drawing a blank. I think it's because your yucky stuff is fantastic.

  9. Excellent point. Though, in the name of research, I think I need to live as a philanthropist for a year and get a real feel for it.

  10. Currently dealing with my second degree burns on my toes is the yuckiest thing I've had to deal with in life so far.

  11. That looks so gross that it's cool. Ha! I hope my daughter gets the chance to touch internal organs!

  12. I recall dissecting a rat in biology class and measuring the length of its intestines, but I can't seem to remember any other yucky times, even though I know they're out there. I probably just suppressed the memories.

  13. Well, I grew up on a farm but yucky can be pretty terrible. I'd rather not share. LOL. Kids like being grossed out.

  14. I dissected a squid once, but I found it fascinating, not gross. I also used to go out on rainy nights and help my grandfather collect night crawlers. It wasn't gross then, but I wouldn't touch one now.

  15. Alex, I've cleaned some icky things in my time too.

    Stephanie, our school never did that. I'm the weirdo that would find it fascinating!

    Madeline, exactly! :)

    Mac, and I probably don't want to know! *LOL*

    Crystal, having kids helps there!

    Meradeth, I'd find that really interesting. Maybe I should email you to find out these weird things!

    Hilary, not spongy at all, and not quite like raw meat. It was a unique sensation.

    Nicola, thank you!

  16. Holly, I think sometimes we purposely block them out!

    Elizabeth, oh yeah!

    Patricia, I can only imagine! I hope you heal up fast.

    Loni, oh the things we wish for our children! *LOL*

    Ken, you're the first I've heard that had a rat. And yes, I think many people just suppress them!

    Susan, I had a friend that lived on a farm and I helped her on occasion. Helped a cow give birth once. Funny, I never thought that yucky!

    Diane, ooh, a squid! Now that would be interesting.

  17. I was in the third grade when a pigs heart was brought into the classroom. It wasn't yucky - we were all very curious! Good advice!

  18. Dissecting animals in high school and college has to be yuckiest thing I've done. Doing yucky things does add to our knowledge.

  19. Very cool! I would have been poking those lungs, too. It's true - you have to live to be a better writer - and musician! Those experiences are what you bring to your artistry.


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