Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Five for October 2, 2015

1. The edits for Poltergeist's Pleasure (The Paramours #2) are finished. I'm having a great time working with my new editor. She's quick and efficient. That means I have a release date: October 23rd. Just in time for Halloween!

2. I've been editing and critiquing this week, but I managed to get started on the second novella in my Totem series. Totem. Yes, I really like it. The more I type it, the better it feels. It's the same way I felt about the 13th Floor, and I'm still in love with that series.

3. Next week I'll be absent from the internet. It's my son's fall break and my mother will be visiting. We'll be doing lots of fun fall activities which include celebrating my birthday! We'll be going to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner one night. Mmmm... I'm already drooling thinking about the desserts. I do have a book review for Monday and my IWSG post for Wednesday all ready to go.

4. Tomorrow my family and I will be going to a nearby Renaissance Faire with friends. A way to warm up for the Realms Faire festivities coming next month! Keep your fingers crossed that it won't rain.

5. Last but not least, the Realms Faire Thunderclap has been fixed. Huzzah! Please lend your support on social media to help promote this fantastic event. Just click HERE and pick how you'd like to help out.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Your writing and books are coming together fast!
    Enjoy time with your mother next week.

  2. Sounds like lots of fun in the works! Enjoy it all!

  3. Have a lovely time with your mother and her grandson - those autumn leaves be waiting ... it's a great time of year for the family. Cheesecake dinner sounds fun ... good luck and I enjoy the title of Totem ... cheers Hilary

  4. Totem is definitely a good name for the series! And yay for getting a release date for the second Paramours book! Have a great week next week!

  5. Love it, you're back on track and posting happy again.
    Totem works for me!
    Enjoy your birthday, and your entire week!

  6. Have fun next week!

  7. Sounds like your writing is falling into place, so perfect time for a week of time with family and fun. Enjoy!

  8. Oh, happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your week away from the internet! :D


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