Monday, August 31, 2015

Mini Reviews For Stories That Wowed Me

(Any excuse to use this picture of Dean Winchester!)

I've been reading a lot great books lately, and I want to share them all with you. But how to do that without a super long post? Mini reviews. Let's hope I can do these awesome tales justice with a few sentences.

"Dragon's Destiny" by Alex J. Cavanaugh
This short story is the sequel to Alex's latest fantastic space opera novel, Dragon of the Stars. I loved seeing what happened with Aden and the Kargrandes. The drama was in the emotions of the characters rather than big action sequences, and Alex pulled it off beautifully. You can get this tale free from Alex as a gift to his fans.

A kick-ass teaser novella for Alexia's upcoming urban fantasy novel. It's fast-paced, dark, hilarious, and full of action. It features a supernatural bounty hunter, Zyan Star who is now one of my new favorite UF heroines!
A marvelous short paranormal tale that grabbed me right from the beginning. The tension is tight throughout and everyone is a suspect. Such fun in that Jolie hates being a ghost and the detective working her murder case is the only one who can see her.


  1. Looks like you read some fun books. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. I know all those authors!
    So glad you enjoyed Dragon's Destiny.
    And you will rock it as a co-host this week.

  3. Misha, you're welcome.

    Alex, it was a fantastic story. I'm excited for IWSG!

  4. This just reminds me how full my Kindle is and how little time I've had lately to read. Now that we're finished with our latest manuscript and have more free time... Kindle, here I come. Dragon of the Stars is one of the first on my list.

  5. Thank you so much for including Ghost of Death! All of those sound like really good reads.

  6. Great way to get the news out about the books you've read. I need to do something similar, I owe so many at least a few words - Including you. I read OF Blood and Sorrow this weekend and really enjoyed it! You're an awesome writer, so talented!
    Congrats to all the writers!

  7. Did you sleep at all last month? Good gravy, girl! I was thrilled to be included in such great company. Thanks for reading about Hutch's experience.

  8. These sound great. Most of them I already heard of and have on my to-buy list. I'll get around to it!

  9. Ooh, I really want to read Finders Keepers!

  10. I read Ghost of Death and enjoyed it, too!

  11. You've been busy reading. I haven't read any of King's stuff lately. And yes, any excuse to use that picture.
    Susan Says

  12. oh you made my Monday with that picture. You have been on a reading and writing roll! you're my Shero!
    Trish - tales from trish

  13. Thanks for both the mention and adding to my must read list! :)

  14. ABFTS, you'll love Alex's story!

    Chrys, you're welcome. It's a fantastic story!

    Yolanda, aww, thank you! I'm blushing. :)

    Lee, it was a great book!

    Madilyn, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

    M, I'll let you know how it is.

    Sherry, Chrys did a fabulous job!

    Susan, there's nothing like Dean Winchester on a Monday morning, or night, or any day of the week! :)

    Trish, I'm striking my superhero pose!

    River, I can't wait to read more Death and Chronos. :)

  15. I like the idea of mini-reviews, and you've reviewed some books I've really been wanting to read. I wish I had more time and better eyes to read with!

  16. I tried to read Stephen King's latest novel...was that Finders Keepers? I couldn't get into it. It was a sequel to a book I hadn't read (didn't realize that at first), but mostly it just wasn't scary enough for me. He's a great writer so I enjoy reading his words...I'd just prefer a little more powerful of a plot with my book!

  17. Christine, have fun co-hosting IWSG. I do mini reviews. Just don;t have time to do long ones.


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