Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Five for July 31, 2015

1. On Tuesday, my son will start kindergarten. I'm still in shock a little. Giddy, nervous, fearful, excited, anxious. Really, a frazzled mess. Will I cry that first day? No, I don't think so. I'm not one for tears, but my heart will be pounding as loud as or louder than his.

2. This means on Tuesday, I get to give it a go as a full time writer! All day to write. With no interruptions. In a quiet house. I need to stock up on the chocolate. I have the same mash of emotions about this as I do with my little guy starting elementary school.

3. It's been a bit of a rough week, but I got some good news. My steampunk Lovecraftian horror tale, "What Lay Below" was accepted by Dragon's Roost Press for their anthology, Eldritch Embraces. It's due to come out spring of next year. They're still accepting submissions if you have a dark little story with a bit of romance in it!

4. Our last big fun day before school starts will be attending Family Day at Gen Con this Sunday. My son is almost old enough to participate in more programming. He's already a gamer through and through! Also at Gen Con, they have an excellent Writer's Symposium. Tons of great seminars and workshops spanning the entire four days.

5. Yesterday, I took my son and a friend to a small water park. They had fun, and one of the last events of the day was a Dangling Donut contest. Donuts were tied up by string and the kids had to eat them without using their hands. My little guy got really angry that he couldn't bite it. Afterward, when he had a moment to calm down, he told me that Anger took over his mind's console. He is a little obsessed with Inside Out!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on the anthology!
    You're raising a little geek there. Good for you. He'll be fine at school. And you will get a lot of writing done.

  2. mmm...dangling donuts. Better than a dangling modifier anyday

  3. Congrats on your story! That's such exciting news!

    I love the stories you tell us about your son. He's such a cool kid.

    Stock up on chocolate, and enjoy next week. You both will do great!

  4. Congrats on the submission.
    And good luck with your son off to kindergarten.

  5. what a big step for you and your little one! I'm excited for both of you :). it's a new chapter in your lives (<--LOL see what I did there?)!

    trish - tales from trish

  6. Congratulations on all the good news, writing time, anthology, a son with geek tendencies. You've got it made. Write away!


    It's still amazing to me that kids are going back already. They're back in school Monday here, I think? Seems like summer just started.

  8. Aww, I hope everything goes well for your cutie on his first day. I bet he will love kindergarten.
    Hope you guys have a great time at the con.

  9. Huge congrats on your story acceptance...yay. And that now you get your writing time back. Now time to pump out those awesome stories:)

  10. Aw, kindergarten already? I'm sure it'll all go well! :)

    Also, how exciting about that short story acceptance, and being able to give full-time writing a try. Hopefully you'll have enough chocolate available to make the writing flow! ;)


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