Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Five for November 21, 2014

1. I'm so close to finishing my third and final D&D novella. I'll get some extra writing time this evening as my son is at a pajama party at preschool. I'll give it that ol' NaNoWriMo push. I have peanut butter cookies ready to be baked in celebration.

2. I had a few short story rejections recently. I have only one left out there in submission. I really need to write some new short fiction to submit. My first project: a Christmas flash piece for my local critique group meeting next month.

3. I don't know if it's old age, but I have developed a habit where I talk to the books I'm reading. Most of the time, I'm alone. I've never done this before. I surprise myself with it sometimes. I always imagined myself as the crazy old book lady. So I guess talking to books is a good start.

4. I ran out of chocolate this week. With all the writing I've been doing, my appetite has soared. My imagination must be getting a major work-out. I wish it translated into actual loss of calories.

5. My son has next week off school and we'll be visiting my in-laws, so it will be a partial vacation from the interwebs for me. Pop on by for an awesome sci-fi book review on Monday and a few D&D teasers on Wednesday. Have a great weekend!


  1. Ran out of chocolate?? Nooooo! Enjoy your writing time tonight, and good luck with the end of the novella :-)

  2. This close to Halloween YOU RAN OUT OF chocolate? How is that possible? Don't you own a big box store membership?

  3. I talk to the characters and the book as if it were one. But then I am a little crazy, si I have an excuse :)

    Enjoy a break from interweb and happy writing. Blogging's taken a back seat for me too while the moving mayhem continues. Today is furniture (stuff from Dubai) delivery day! X

  4. I think your #4 should have been #1.

    I like how you said when you talk to the books you read, MOST of time you're alone. LOL!

  5. Hi Christine .. I think I might definitely try talking to my books - perhaps it'll encourage me to pull one off the pile and actually read it ...

    Enjoy the holiday with your in-laws ... and just hope the Snow etc doesn't hold you back .. cheers Hilary

  6. No, not chocolate! I could see myself one day talking to books I'm reading. Then again, I'm usually reluctant to talk in general, although I do often speak to my cats. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  7. Good luck with getting the next romance in the bag, and go out to your local chocolatier to stock up before winter sets in!
    Cheers, from a fellow "Crazy Book Lady"

  8. All the beast,sorry, all the best with the completion of your D&D novella. I love peanut butter cookies.

    I bark at books! Arf!

    I've heard a rumour that there's a worldwide chocolate shortage.

    I'm sure your son will enjoy the week off school.

    Have a pawsitive weekend, my human friend,Christine.

    Penny :)

  9. I talk back to the television, but so far not to books.
    Have a great vacation next week.
    And every time I read D&D I think Dungeons & Dragons...

  10. Thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    Mac, there is Halloween candy left in the house, but none that I like!

    Penny, I'll happily share cookies with you. :)

    Alex, I think the same thing every time I use D&D. Except using DD just reminds me of a bra cup size! *LOL*

  11. I a rare writer who isn't a fan of chocolate. And you are soooo young. Great job nearing the end of that project.

  12. I echo #3...but I do that with TV shows all the time! Notsomuch books, though, unless I'm REALLY frustrated with one.

  13. I've definitely realized that I talk to books. Usually I'm telling the character not date that guy or go into that dark room, but I'm talking out loud to a book. :)

    You ran out of chocolate? Oh I hope you got that fixed! Scary.

  14. Ha! I've been known to talk to books, too, especially if there's a surprising twist or if I'm mad at the characters. And, yes, I do that more often now that I'm older.

    So sorry about your rejections. Good luck with your Christmas flash fiction and with getting new work out there!!


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