Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wicked Wednesday - sign on the dotted line

Now that you know my awesome news, I can share with you my experiences being accepted by a publisher. It's incredibly different than self-publishing. One way it's different is the whole signing of a contract deal.

I had a few bumps in the road with it. With my publisher, the contracts department is separate from everything else. My editor was not allowed to be involved in anything to do with it. I filled out all the paperwork (general information, tax forms, book outlines), sent them to the editor, and she forwarded them on to contracts.

Then I waited.

And waited. And waited. And waited.

A month later, I still hadn't received anything.

I asked my editor about it, and she suggested I email contracts to see what was going on.

They had sent out the first copy of the contract, but I had never received it. I checked in all my folders, checked them dozens of times, but nothing. I assured them I didn't receive it, and three weeks later, they sent out  the file again.

I read through the contract carefully. It was 12 pages, but there was nothing I didn't understand. I filled it out, re-read it, and had my husband go over it. I signed it, copied it, and emailed it back.

One month later, I received the finalized contract.

I was moving along at a good speed with my editor, doing edits and filling out my cover requests, I even had a release date, but I couldn't announce it until the contract was complete.

I felt agonized with how slow it was going at times, but this is typical with a publisher. Self-publishing allows you to go as quickly as you want to, but  with a publisher, you can only move as fast as the business can move. Patience is key in signing with one.

If you have a publisher, what has your experience been involving contracts?


  1. One of my biggest reasons for self-publishing is not having to deal with waiting around lol!

    I am SO happy for you!

  2. Waiting is always so irksome. Not surprised there's so much of it with traditional publishing, but still, what a shame that there has to be so much waiting at all!

  3. I don't think mine took that long. Frustrating you didn't receive it the first time. But now you can tell the world!

  4. Christine, so happy for you that you finally got everything squared away with the contract. I'm sure it felt great to announce your happy news to the world!

  5. I've worked with half a dozen publishers. My current romance publisher is very quick with the contract turn around thing. Of course, I've signed a dozen with them.
    They're all a little different.

  6. The few times I've worked with a publisher, I always got the contract first before we did any edits. I have heard big publishers can take even longer with contracts, even where the author is almost finished with edits before the contract arrives.

    Nowadays there is a lot I wouldn't want in a contract, so it's better for me to self-publish because I doubt most publishers would remove certain clauses I don't agree with.

  7. Thank you all. I do like hearing about everyone's experiences. The pros and cons of having a publisher and self-publishing are big. I do like being a hybrid author. I get a bite of both worlds!

    1. Pretty cool to be hybrid and thanks for sharing the experience with us. Wishing you lots of luck on this venture :)

  8. That sucks that the first contract never arrived, but at least it finally came! Yay! So happy for you. :)

  9. I stink at patience. I would melt into a puddle most like. lol

  10. I've never been traditionally published so I don't really know what it's like. I know that other writers have found it a slow process, though. Congrats, Christine. Can't wait to read it!

  11. I'm so glad you got everything straightened out, Christine! How exciting all around. :D

    S.K. Anthony

  12. I think the experience is different with every publisher. I've only dealt with a couple of small presses so my experience is limited.

  13. Congrats on signing that contract! I think you already know my experiences. :-P

  14. I tell people working with a publisher is always a hurry up and wait game.

    I haven't had to wait that long for a contract, and with my publisher no edits or anything can start until the contract is finalized.

  15. It's really interesting to read about your experience with a traditional publisher. I wonder if they're all like that.


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