Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wicked Wednesday - if _______ were a paranormal romance

I'm often asked what makes a story a paranormal romance. First, the focus is the romance. It must be central to the plot. It must also contain some sort of supernatural element.

So let's play a little game! Take your favorite movie and twist it so it becomes a paranormal romance.

Wizard of Oz - Dorothy falls in love with the scarecrow and returns to Oz to be with her true love.

The Big Lebowski - The Dude and his buddies take out the Nihilists who are really vampires. Maude is a goddess who makes the Dude her consort, and the magic rug ties the room together in more ways than one.

Clerks - Dante and Randal are zombies working at a convenience store. Dante is going through a rough patch with his zombie girlfriend, Veronica.
"She ate 37 brains!" Dante moans.
"In a row?" Randal inquires.

Go on. Give it a try!


  1. Seeing the story in different way!

  2. Ha, ha. Superb! Loved the dialogue too.

    What about if the other way around?

    Twilight is NOT paranormal, but still a romance. Edward would be arrested for stalking and Bella would need counselling to deal with her co-dependance issues. :P

  3. oh, twisted!

    how about Grown Ups - each of the guys' families is a different monster variety and one of the sons is in love with one of the daughters of a different species, like a vampire and a werewolf - wait that would be Hotel Transylvania

    ha ha haha!

  4. How fun!

    Wish my twisted plotting brain would wake up. (Coffee hasn't reached it yet. :P)

  5. LOL. We totally do this--my hubby and I. I know it's not new, but several years ago we figured out that Snow White is actually a vampire who's encased in glass to keep her from killing anyone...until some stupid guy opens her coffin and offers his neck. =)

  6. Thanks, guys! This is fun. I also like making something non-PNR. Most of the movies I tried to think of for this post turned out to already be PNR. *LOL*

  7. LOL - so funny!!! And, now it has me thinking of different plot variations. What if . . .

  8. From your explanation, I guess what I was writing last was a paranormal romance. I'm thinking on my favorite movie Kung Fu Panda but just to think on making it a PR makes me laugh. Dragon Hugs!

  9. If Jurassic Park were a paranormal romance... Yes, I think we UR people could have a field day with that one. ;)

  10. I could imagine the cast of RED killing zombies, or maybe Watson being a demon sidekick to Sherlock? I tend to fail in the romance department though. :(


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