Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Five for April 25, 2014

1. After today, only 4 posts left for the A to Z Challenge! Wow. Where has the month gone? It's been so much fun. I've really enjoyed doing the Challenge as part of a group. Untethered Realms has a huge X group post coming up on Monday. You get to vote which creature has the most X Factor. Don't miss it! (Psssst, there may be a certain stuffed hippo visiting that day!)

2. My son had a fantastic birthday. He's already talking about what he wants to do for his next birthday! I still need to recover from this one. About a third of our guests were out sick, so we had a lot of pizza and cake leftover. This is the first time in my life where I cannot eat any more leftover pizza and cake. Yeah, I never thought it'd happen either.

3. I've been moving right along with my revisions for WIP #1 this week. These are the most difficult revisions I've ever done in my writing career. But, oh, how the manuscript is shining!

4. For the third time this year, I met a book I couldn't finish reading. I stopped at 9% on my Kindle. It was awful. Last year, I had amazing luck with books. I read so many great ones outside my genre. This year, not so much. At least I'm cleaning out my Kindle library!

5. We have no plans for the weekend except to fix the lawnmower (and then mow) and enjoy the wonderful weather before the rain hits us. Have a great weekend!


  1. Stuffed hippos FTW! ;)

    And aww, glad your son had such a great birthday! That sucks about the book, though. Sorry you've been reading so many duds lately!

  2. Glad you're making progress on your revisions. That's always the hardest part for me.

  3. Glad your son had an awesome birthday party. Too bad there were so many sick no-shows!

    That's also great that your revisions are making your manuscript shine. I bet it will be amazing!

  4. So glad your son had such a great birthday - too cute that he is already talking about next year. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Goodness. That's it for the weekend? I'm jealous. Seriously jealous. I have so many things to do we'll be lucky if I'm still alive on Monday. If you see me around you'll know something miraculous has happened.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  6. Can't eat any more pizza? The horror...
    Will be there Monday to vote!

  7. Great about your progress on those revisions. And here's to Z!

  8. Good job on the revisions, and glad the birthday was a success.

    About the "For the third time this year, I met a book I couldn't finish reading." Were these free books, or ones that you actually purchased and invested money into?

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Got our mower going early in the week and did the grass for the first time. Raining hard here so no mowing until Monday.

  10. Thanks for stopping by, folks! I had another good day of revising. I'm on a roll! :)

    As for the books I couldn't finish: one was a free ebook from Amazon, another was a book I won in a giveaway, and the third book was by best selling author Nora Roberts (which I got from the library). So I didn't lose any money, but I always feel bad when I can't finish a book knowing how much work an author puts into them.

  11. I've had plenty of "book fails" in my time. I always hate when I pay to download a book and end up disliking it. I usually download a sample first and try it out before moving on to the rest.

  12. Oh wow, that book must have sucked if you stopped after less than a tenth of it.

    You know, cake freezes remarkably well...

  13. A stuffed hippo! Sure, why not?!
    Good luck on those revisions, and on fixing your lawnmower.

  14. I used to never give up on a book, but I'm finding my read list is too long to slog through books I don't care for.

    After raising four kids, I'm totally not into pizza anymore. They broke me. I'll still eat it, but don't love it anymore.

  15. I couldn't get through King's Dr. Sleep. You're right, it's a rare occurrence, but with so many good (and great) books out there, we can't waste our time on drivel.

  16. Great progress with your WIP...woohoo:)

  17. happy bday to little blue-glasses boy =)

    yay for editing shiny progress!

    and i ditch books all the time, dont have time to waste if i'm just not into it - its not them its me, ha haha!

    z day, z day, zippity do da z day!


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