Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Date a Nerd Blog Hop

How could I resist this blog hop?
I think the bigger question would be how can I pick only one thing when everything about me is nerdy?!

The amazing Cassie Mae is hosting this blog hop celebrating the release of her newest contemporary romance, HOW TO DATE A NERD. Click HERE to add the book to Goodreads.

The rules are simple.
You must answer the question: what is the nerdiest thing about you?

Some lucky nerd will win a prize too!
Cassie is giving away a nerd swag bag!

Okay, okay, Hmmmm.... the nerdiest thing about me.
My closet full of geeky t-shirts? Nah, that's cool.
The comic books under my bed, in my dresser, and in several of my closets? Nope, it's quality reading material.
My love of cheesy Syfy Channel movies? That's just goofy.

Ah ha! Here we go.
My closet full of boardgames is organized by size and genre, and they are the items I dust most often in the house even though they are stored in a closet.

Please visit the other participants in this nerdtastic blog hop and find out their nerdy secrets!


  1. This is such a fun blog hop! I love how you have a closet full of boardgames. Boardgames are the best! :)

  2. Gotta love boardgames! They deserve the utmost respect.

  3. I wish everyone treated their board games with this much respect lol!

  4. I love board games, but guess what? I don't own a single one! I guess when you live alone, there's not much point 'cause your cats ain't gonna play with you :P I do own HEAPS of packs of playing cards, though - you can play cards alone! :D

  5. Our games aren't organized like that, but we also have a closet full.

  6. Oh that is too funny, Christine! Dusting off board games stored in a closet. The two board games we play (Scrabble and Backgammon) spend a good deal of their time under our couch!

  7. Yes, organizing and dusting your boardgames is definitely nerdy, haha.

  8. Oh I love board games! I would have fun at your house, I know. :)

  9. You should go check out Forever December today because I had a dream about you and Brandon!

  10. LOL..I LOVE my Syfy movies as well. You should see me huddled in a Corner when one Comes up on TV.
    Cassie's book sounds fantastic!

  11. I'm loving this blog hop! We do have tons of boardgames, but not many chances to play them these days. We're hoping the boy will love to play! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by. :)

  12. Love boardgames and card games. Wanna come to my house and dust?

  13. Almost all my board games are Harry Potter themed, lol! And I don't dust anything, but I play them so much I don't really need to ;)

    Thanks for participating, Christine! Geeky T-shirts are cool. I wish I had more of them

  14. Dusting board games that are stored in a closet is pretty nerdy! :P I don't think you'd approve of my board games because they are caked in dust. lol

    I shared the nerdiest thing about me on my blog. :D

  15. Love Board Games.
    I play them quite a bit with my family, maybe thats why all the pieces are missing.

  16. The thing I miss most about my kids being away at college is having no one to play board games with.

  17. Wow! I enjoyed this blog hop very much.


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