Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heroes & Villains Blogfest

I signed up for this awesome blogfest before I planned my visit with my family. I'll make up on visiting the other participants when I get back. Thank you to the wonderful hosts, Jackie and Dani. This is such a fun idea!

Here are the rules:
1) On June 6th, post your favorite heroes and villains.
2) You may list as many, or as little, as you'd like.
3) Be creative with it: lists, quotes, videos, pictures, etc.
4) It'd be cool if you'd display the Heroes and Villains badge on your blog!
5) And most of all HAVE FUN!
6) Sign up on the linky list.

In books - Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series). Without her, Harry would've lost.
On TV - Buffy and the whole Scooby gang (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Buffy was strong, but without her friends to support her, she couldn't have done everything she did. They were a great team.
(Just a fun note: There's a fanfic out there called Hermione the vampire slayer! Hehehe!)
In movies - Indiana Jones. Best adventure hero ever.
In comics - Batman. He's not a mutant or an alien. He's a man fighting against the darkness with everything in him.

In books - It's a tie. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter series). I thought her far more terrifying than Voldemort! And Jagang (Sword of Truth series). I hated him. I didn't love to hate him. I just hated his loathsome soul.
On TV - The Cylons (Battlestar Galactica). I almost choose the Borg (Star Trek), but the Cylons had so many more layers. They were a pleasure to hate.
In movies - Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street series). He kills you in your dreams. One of the most frightening and original monsters in horror movies ever.
In comics - Magneto. Not because he's a mutant, but because of his mind. A great intelligence. And he believes he's right.


  1. Great choices. I like your Batman reasoning, he can't hide behind any super powers. He's just a man doing good.

  2. You made some excellent choices! Hermione saved the day so many times. They never would have made it far without her.

  3. Agreed! Great picks!! And what a great range of characters. I also picked Indiana Jones and Dolores.

  4. The Cylons were a pleasure to hate - funny!

  5. i love your picks! really!! all the heroes rock!!
    and the villains, dastardly! umbridge! and yay, magneto! sly dog!

    and thanks for the encouraging iwsg post yesterday!

  6. I -almost- chose Magneto too, and for the same reasons. He really believes he's doing what's right. I chose Doctor Doom, instead as they both have (sort of) the same motivations.

    Great list!

  7. Team work. You can't beat it. Where would Harry Potter be with Hermione, and Buffy and her friends. Proof that sometimes you can't do things on your own. Hurrah for sidekicks :)

    Great picks!

  8. Great picks! Indian Jones is awesome. :)

  9. Great picks! I'm a huge Buffy fan as well.
    My Blog

  10. I have always admired Hermione, she is loyal and strong and bright, qualities that I'm glad to see growing more and more for heroines in literature. And Indie :) - that whip, that hat, that brain!

    You're right in your villain choice that Umbridge is far worse than Voldie - she's insidious and hides behind a layer of primness that makes my skin crawl! As far as the Cylons go, you must mean the cylons from the BSG remake, because they weren't very deep in the original series - LOL!

    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles

  11. Fantastic list, Christine! Love every single one of your heroes and most of your villains (though I honestly have a hard time categorizing the cylons as villains, especially since by the end of the series the lines between the tow are so blurred you can barely tell them apart).

    Great selections!

  12. The first Nightmare on Elm Street was so scary because we'd never seen anything like it.

  13. Batman's one of my favorite heroes too. His appeal never gets old, no matter how long he's been around.

  14. I LOVE, LOVE Hermoine. Almost as much as I HATE, HATE Umbridge!!

    For TV. Give me Willow and Tara over Buffy any day!

    The Other Side

  15. I chose Hermione too!! She's just the epitome of heroine in fiction. Great villains, too.

  16. OOH! I really like your choices here! Freddy was so creepy!
    And I agree with you about Hermione. Such a wonderful character.

    Thanks for joining in on the blogfest! :)

  17. LOL, I'd love to see Hermione, Vampire Slayer! :-) Also, Freddy Krueger FREAKED ME OUT!!!!!
    Some Dark Romantic

  18. Buffy's awesome! Love seeing her and the Scooby Gang on your list. :)

  19. Some great picks you have there. I've seen Hermione a couple a times now and that's perfect; she often gets overlooked. I picked Buffy too :) - I liked her in the original movie and the series. Indie has come up several times too - he's superb. I have to say, I'm not much of a Batman fan though ... I prefer my superheroes more super ::g::. Then again I'm not into comics I have only come to the characters via movie adaptations, so I probably have a skewed view.

    So are you talking original BSG or new BSG when it comes to Cylons? I always loved them in the original.

    Tasha's Thinkings

  20. Liked your choices - especially Hermione (so true that Harry would be lost), and Indiana Jones - he's tough and determined.

  21. I loved the Indiana Jones character. He was heroic and brave but had a bit of that bad boy rule breaker to him and the sense of humor and romance with a twist. Well written character.

  22. Batman has always been my favorite, too -- and Buffy rocks.

  23. Thanks for popping by! I hope to get to read everyone's posts some time very soon. :)


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