Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day 2012

Happy Independence Day!
To all my American friends and family,
have an awesome day!


  1. HA!!!! Great photo!!!!!
    Happy fourth, Christine! Have a fab day!

  2. Happy Fourth to scared kitties everywhere!

  3. This is really an incredible day! It is time we thought back on how and why this country was established and the sacrifices that were made to get the job done. It wasn't about cook-outs. And fireworks had a meaning.

  4. Hi Christine! Just wanted to let you know, you won a critique or blog promo/interview on my blog! Congrats!

    Take your time and enjoy the holiday, no rush. :) Have a good one!

  5. LOL. I love the picture.

    Happy Independence Day! :)

  6. Happy independence day:) The photos made me laugh:)

  7. Thanks folks! I hope you all had a great day. We went to a parade, swam at the pool, napped, and had ice cream for dinner. Awesome day!


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