Sunday, February 12, 2012

Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt for February

Auntie Tara gave us a prompt fit for St. Valentine's Day this month. Write 250 to 500 words about a secret admirer.

Last month's short was great Greek fun. I'm going to go a bit silly and paranormal this time around. Enjoy!


Reanna ripped off the lid of the heart-shaped box and tossed it behind her. Her eyes went wide. "Chocolates filled with blood! However did he manage to do it?"

"I'm sure I have no idea, mistress." Wallace was an old man and his back cracked as he bent over to retrieve the lid. He straightened up with a groan and shuffled over to lay it on the table.

"Oh, virgin blood. These are divine." Reanna sucked the liquid middle from one candy and let the chocolate melt in her mouth. She licked her fingers slow enough to savor the taste and ran her tongue over her fangs to collect any morsels that might have been left behind.

"Your secret admirer knows you well." Wallace straightened his black jacket and coughed a few times. His body rattled painfully with it, reminding him he had only a few days left to live.

"And are those roses?" She ignored him as she skipped over to where a great bouquet was arranged in a vase. "I don't smell...." Reanna fondled the petals and gasped before laughing with delight. "Flowers made from the soft skin of his victims. How brilliant!" She scooped up the flowers and hugged them to her. "I'm in love with a vampire I don't even know."

Wallace's jaw hardened, but he said nothing. He merely watched her with his one good eye.

"I wonder if he'll reveal himself to me this year." Reanna heaved a great dreamy sigh and danced over to pluck another candy out of the box. "It's been twenty years. A good show for anonymous romance, but I need someone with which to share my coffin."

Popping yet another chocolate into her mouth, she strode by her manservant without a single glance. "Prepare a hot bath and an evening snack. My true love will come for me tonight."

"Yes, mistress. He'll be here." Wallace turned to let his love for her show upon his wrinkled face. She always adored his gifts, but never believed they could possibly be from him. She never even looked his way unless she was displeased.

Reanna fell to the floor in an elegant heap. He had served her since he was a young man. He had loved her from the moment he set eyes upon her, but she never considered him worthy. He thought the gifts might change her mind, but only another vampire would do for her and she never offered him the dark gift.

The poison he had secreted into the candies would keep her unconscious for at least fifteen hours. Long enough to prepare her to watch the sunrise with him. He couldn't have a life with her, but they could die together.


  1. Oh! That was a good one - yuk, virgin blood and flowers made of skin. But I didn't expect who the admirer was. Great story :-) (love a touch of paranormal!)

    1. Thanks! There's no accounting for a vampire's taste. *LOL*

  2. Wooo that's an evil ending... and I loved it. I had my suspicions but still, this was an awesome flash fiction... well done.

    1. Thanks! *LOL* Sometimes it's fun to write something that isn't a HEA!

  3. Fantastic...hats off to your imagination and the more vamp burnt away. :)

    1. Thanks! One more vamp up in smoke and, with how shallow she was, good riddance!


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