Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wicked Wednesday - trends

Ignore the rumors that paranormal romance is a trend going out of style. It's far from the truth. If you research various publishers, sales are still going strong. This is not a genre that will be drowned in an oversaturated market.

Vampires are getting harder to sell. If you're writing a vampire story, you need to make it unique. There's certain series like Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse books that are still going strong. A lot of readers have a particular image of vampires in their minds and it's hard to sell something new. I think vampire stories will always be popular, but right now, we're feeling a bit of fatigue. It will pass and something great will come along again to sweep us away.

Shifters - werewolves in particular - are in high demand. There's more room to play around with various animals, magic, and myth origins. The animal nature appeals to readers both in the paranormal and romance sides of this genre.

Ghosts/spirits are growing in popularity. It's another area of the paranormal where there is a lot of different superstitions and myths to use as inspiration. If you're trying to break into the market, this is a good way to go.

Yet, as always, it's the unique voices that publishers are looking for. Something that engages the reader in a way that most other books cannot. They want a strong hook to pull in readers. Don't be afraid to take that extra step over the line. If you think you shouldn't do something with you story, that it might sound ridiculous, go for it. Over the top can take you to publication. (Of course, get your critique partners' and beta readers' opinions first just to make sure it isn't completely silly!)

There will always be trends. Books will come and go. Yet paranormal romance is here to stay.

Do you think paranormal romance is a trend? What do you think is rising in popularity and what is falling?


  1. I don't think paranormal romance is a trend, per se. It's popular, yes, but I can't see it going away either. You're right about doing something unique and pushing the limits. :)

  2. Good advice. My NaNo is a Ghost Story. Glad to hear that's on the rise.

  3. Cherie, I read an article about it and I couldn't believe someone was saying it was a possible trend.

    Farawayeyes, that's awesome! Your muse knew what she was doing. :)

  4. great advice. I love paranormal, so for me, it'll always be 'in style'.

  5. Here's the misconception: when people find a kind of story they like to read and then read a lot of it, they don't stop liking it. They continue to want more. However, the more of a particular kind of story they've read, the more familiar they are with the tropes that go along with that kind of story. So authors have to work harder the longer a certain kind of story has been popular to find new and unique ways to entertain readers with their stories.

    If, for instance, people start to become bored with vampire novels, it's probably NOT because they no longer like vampires. It's more likely because no recent authors have done anything really interesting with vampires.

    Just keep it fresh and stories, no matter what kind, will never go out of style.

  6. Oooh! Well, I might have to keep that in mind as I'm writing my story. I've been struggling with character development, and maybe that's in part due to wanting to stick to the "norm."

    Thanks for the advice!!

  7. I have no idea! I try not to pay attention, since I may or may not be writing in a popular trend. And if I'm not, why depress myself?

  8. I think there will always be a market for it, but over time the size of the market will change... I'm always a fan:)

  9. I think there will always be a market as well. And I enjoy a good paranormal. Getting a little tired of vampires though. :)

  10. I love ghost stories! I think we need move of those.

  11. I think you made some good recommendations. There is definitely a lot of vampire fatigue going on right now.

  12. Great post!
    I totally agree. PR is one of my favorite genres to read! I can't see it going out of style any time soon. It might shift from creature to creature, have different paranormaly beings, but I believe it's here to stay. For me, I love the action and plot that gets paired with the romance. I mean, I sometimes love a straight romance, but after reading paranormal, it does feel a little dry/uncomplicated at times. Unless the romance author's just that good ;)
    Ninja Girl

  13. I thought the shifters trend was going out with the vampires... But then, it's not like I research these things, so it's not surprising I got that one wrong! Good thing, too, since I have a shapeshifter WIP ;-)
    I really, really, REALLY hope that paranormal romance isn't going "out of style", because it's my fav to read and my fav to write!


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