Monday, July 11, 2011

A writer's quirks and space

I can't write when anyone else is in the room with me. I'm not one of those types that go out with a notebook or laptop to cafes or a quiet park to work. I need a quiet space cut off from everyone and everything else.

Before my son was born, I had my little office. It's painted a soft moss green and free of distractions. It was a good writing space. We have a tiny house. When we had the baby, my husband had to give up his Man Room. His Xbox was moved into the office which became the media room. It's a very small room. With the desk, table and shelves, there's only a four by four square on the floor to walk about. Well, not walk. Turn. You can turn around.

During the day, I have the room to myself. If my son naps, I get some writing done. At night, after my son has gone to bed, my husband usually wants to play a game. He's had a long hard day. He needs some time to himself to relax and have fun. It worked out so well for us before we had a child. My husband would play his games and I'd write. We had our own rooms for that. Now we're squished into one room. Yes, we both can fit in there together at the same time, but we're nearly touching when we sit down. I can't write that way. I can't even write a blog entry when someone else is in the room with me. I can't write if there's music on. I can't write with the TV on. I can tune out outside noises, but I need my own space.

At night, I usually read. I consider reading still part of my job. It's research! I do wish I didn't have so many writing quirks so I could write more often, though.

Do you have any quirks? Do you have a favorite writing space?


  1. I have 'my space', but prefer writing mornings. I went on a writing date with a Crit partner once and was surprised how productive I was. I think no internet had a lot to do with it.

    I will usually edit at night. If I'm in revision phase, I'll print out what I worked on during the day and edit by hand. If I'm in 1st draft phase, I usually want to edit a short or something, so will print that out and edit.

    I prefer dong 1st drafts of queries, outlines, synopses, etc ... by hand with paper and pen. That's an odd one.

  2. Yes, reading is research. I heart reading. *grins*

    I prefer to write at work. Yeah, yeah, I know I should be working. That's what they pay me for, but I have a lot of downtime, so I'll write there. I have a terrible time writing at home. Too many distractions. I can edit there, but actual writing, I need everyone out of the house and the TV off. We do have a basement I could go to and write, but I don't like going down there. It's creepy...might have spiders and may be haunted. Writing at work is one of the reasons I would strongly consider keeping my job even if I did do very well with my writing.

  3. I couldn't write in public either. I prefer my office, but usually music is playing. Sometimes the TV as well. I guess we men aren't easily distracted.

  4. I either have to be completely alone, or in a room filled with so many people that I can't pick out distinct coversations. Strange, right?


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